Studio Practice

The main pedagogy of JCA will be that of studio practice. Reflecting the collaborative nature of the design discipline, students will learn, develop, and socialise in dedicated professional studios where individual and group teaching takes place through a variety of teaching and learning methods that include group crits, live projects, competition briefs, and other forms of work-related learning. Theory is contextualised and reinforced through debate, reflection, and importantly through practice. Learning will be synthesised through the lens of enterprise and entrepreneurship.


Idea exchange with visiting professionals

We benefit from the generosity of visiting professionals from across the industry who come to the campus to share their experience and expertise and potentially their valuable contacts and professional networks. It’s not a one-way process either. Visiting professionals benefit from actively engaging with ‘new blood’ emerging through the JCA and often find themselves inspired by the fresh and uninhibited ideas of our students. As a member of the prestigious JCA student community, you can expect to have a platform where your voice is heard. While the VPs are not employed as mentors, important and possibly life-changing relationships with students can be formed.

Practical learning with
technical instructors

All our studios are staffed by full-time technical instructors who will assist you with machinery, practical operation and general know-how. True craft professionals, our instructors are there to help you turn your ideas into finished products. Whether it’s an ad-hoc question, a one-to-one tutorial on a specific process or a formalised course, their approach is to empower and support students in practical learning.