Fashion Community

JCA will be hosting an extensive events programme accessible to all who are interested in creativity, tech, fashion, art and design.

This will play a central role in ensuring that we draw in the right communities and people to the campus.

Schools & Outreach

Our programme will look to bring in large numbers of young, entrepreneurial students aiming to make their mark in the fashion industry.

Our weekly Saturday Clubs will be aimed at children from surrounding schools with aspirations in Design and Fashion.

Our bi-monthly open days for prospective students will be at the cornerstone in ensuring we bring in the next generation of fashion pioneers.

Our Summer School will provide various courses and portfolio presentation programmes for 14-17 year old School and College Students.


Our industry events will be open to those at the forefront of the fashion industry, and those aspiring to lead it.

Our monthly Creative Networks will be in high profile TedX style speaker events. It will be free for industry professionals and also live streamed where possible. Autumn will feature a Business Fayre, Summer will feature a party on campus.

Our monthly business surgeries will see industry experts give specialised advise for incubated companies, students and external businesses. Our quarterly Workshops will focus on the cross over between fashion and tech. Collaborators will share projects about interactive design, which will provide insights on emerging trends to students and industry professionals.

Our quarterly Networking Events will be aimed at our incubation and co-working companies, along with the local industry. This will provide an opportunity for students and businesses to connect, learn and grow.


Our student events will look to extend and compliment the wonderful work of the Academy and provide extra curricular activities across a range of subjects.

Our quarterly events of the Mayfair Designers Group, a networking event for design professionals and pioneers to learn share and discover more about fashions evolving technologies.

Our bi-annual Fashion Brand Open Days and MarketPlace Exhibition of Art, Design and Fashion will be at the beating heart of the community that we want to create.


There will also be events catered to the Academic & Research community.

At the core of this activity will be our annual Festival which will be a celebration of our scholarship in wearable technology and smart textiles, positioning JCA as an international centre of excellence for disruptive ideas and technologies.

We will look to extend our partnership to create a community of like-minded universities, business and science parks with entrepreneurship.

The final part of our Academic Events, will be the Fashion Design and Innovation Awards; where innovation meets investment. Jury day is the stepping stone for the brightest and bravest designers, innovators and entrepreneurs to pitch to leading venture capital and private equity investors.

General Public

Our general events open and ticketed to the public. With bi-monthly film screenings, a ‘how to’ lecture series and quarterly catwalk collections and showcase events for aspiring designers, we will look to make JCA a go-to place for those that want to be at the forefront of fashion.

Our end of year show will showcase the fantastic work that the students of JCA London Fashion Academy have done, once again putting JCA on the map as an approachable area with culture at it’s core.


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In addition to our open days, student collections and end of year shows, JCA will be hosting a range of events to benefit schools, industry and the general public.