Craft a business mindset

We're as much of a startup incubator as we are a higher education academy. All JCA students are encouraged to start their own brands during their studies and start selling the collections they have designed through pop-up shops and online boutiques.

This is an invaluable way to learn how commerce intersects with design and gives you the confidence to move seamlessly into the world of professional design when you graduate.


Incubation and Work-Related Learning

There is a strong thread of work-related learning throughout the programme, and learners at the Academy will be professionally ‘incubated’ as aspiring designers, and develop their craft in professional studios. This progressive engagement will include training in industry standard software, commercially sponsored 'live' project work, industrial visits, competition entries, and professional practice-based reflection. The modules at all levels integrate theory with practice, each containing a project as a focus for learning. The subject of each of these projects is carefully selected to progressively extend the depth and breadth of business/entrepreneurial, creative skills, and knowledge.

Professional Focus

In practice, all the modules reflect important aspects of professional or commercial practice and wherever possible simulate the world of work. Modules throughout the course engage directly with life beyond the Academy, enabling learners to explore the dynamics involved in working collaboratively with fashion and related disciplines. Modules in entrepreneurship and creative practice will take learners into the wider fashion and business community where they will discover new opportunities for their expertise. Students will reflect on their ability to operate as a creative/business and enterprising individual within the work environment and/or industry project.

Contextual Assessment

A blend of lecture, seminar and studio-based project work forms a key part of all the work undertaken; running as a series of integrated developmental exercises. Live Projects are the main vehicle by which achievement of the learning outcomes will be demonstrated. The projects provide high quality, vibrant learning experiences, that set specific challenges to enable the learner to incorporate contextual understanding into their practice. Students take on progressively more responsibility for the development and direction of their own projects, culminating in the final year of the programme in which the learner negotiates their own, self-directed programme of projects.

Get straight to business

We believe the best start to a career in fashion is to learn by doing. All JCA students are encouraged to start operating as freelance professionals during their studies. Selling your work is an invaluable way to learn how commerce intersects with design, and gives you the confidence to move seamlessly into business when you graduate. Depending on your professional direction, you may well find that your relationship with your technical instructor is one of the most valuable during your JCA journey. We provide welcoming co-work spaces with state-of-the-art equipment and meeting rooms, and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in pop-up shops and fashion shows organised by the Academy.