Design Entrepreneurs

Education goes far beyond books, lectures, and passing practical assignments, our approach is to aid you in your journey through your study and beyond. Our goal is to support your transition through higher education into self-employment or employment where you can hit the ground running through our practical entrepreneurial approach to learning.


Design Excellence

The JCA is run by fashion professionals, not academic teachers, and it is highly focused on professional excellence. Founded by Professor Jimmy Choo OBE, it caters exclusively for talented individuals who are serious about a career in luxury fashion. Professor Choo chose to launch the Academy, the first of its kind, to address a lack of focused, professional luxury brand training for gifted students.

Professional Practice

Learn, develop and socialise in a professional studio environment with live projects, group crits and other forms of work-related learning.


Craft a business mindset

We're as much of a startup incubator as we are a higher education academy. All JCA students are encouraged to start their own brands during their studies and start selling the collections they have designed through pop-up shops and online boutiques.

This is an invaluable way to learn how commerce intersects with design and gives you the confidence to move seamlessly into the world of professional design when you graduate.


Grow with mentorship

We have stepped away from the outdated student-lecturer model. At the JCA, you’ll benefit from one-to-one mentorship that nurtures your talent, accelerates your professional development and helps you grow as a person.



Join an influential community

There will be opportunities to build relationships and exchange ideas with visiting professionals, rub shoulders with like-minded designers in our open plan co-working space.

As a student of the JCA you can expect to grow your network with key industry contacts that will open doors for you and accelerate your career



The flagship London Fashion Academy is located in the heart Mayfair; a prestigious address just a stones throw from the city’s most iconic high-fashion emporia.



Our portfolio features a range of courses to suit  future fashion pioneers at different stages of their journey, from short courses all the way up to Masters.