Zekaryas Solomon

Technical Manager / Tutor Technician

Zekaryas Solomon is a visionary Eritrean fashion designer based in London, whose artistic journey has been shaped by a background in architecture and art. Graduating from a distinguished institution in Germany, he transitioned to fashion design in 2009, earning a master's degree from The London College of Fashion in 2010.Renowned for his creativity and skill, Solomon was honoured with the prestigious BEFFTA award for best menswear designer, solidifying his reputation as a leading African designer. With six distinctive collections and accessories to his name, including the acclaimed 'New Beginnings' collection, Solomon seamlessly blends heritage, architecture, and contemporary flair in his designs.His creations elegantly harmonize intricate tailoring, futuristic elements, and personal identity, radiating charm and resonating emotionally and aesthetically with audiences. Solomon's work has been showcased at renowned events such as Ethno Tendance in Brussels, the FAFA Gala in Nairobi and recently at the Hub of Africa fashion Week in Addis Ababa,  Ethiopia showcasing his growth as an artist.Currently serving as the Atelier Manager at JCA London Fashion Academy, overseeing operations across two campuses, Solomon continues to shape the fashion landscape with his captivating and evocative designs, driven by a deep-seated passion for innovation and creativity.