January 19, 2024


Underlines finds out more about Last Yarn, the social marketplace for surplus fabrics, with founders Piarvé Wetshi and Deborah Lyons. They will be hosting an evening salon at the Jimmy Choo Academy on 18th January, bringing together industry pioneers in a conversation on digital solutions to fashion waste, with We are KIN founder and designer, Ngoni Chikwenengere.


The Founders

Deborah Lyons is a womenswear designer and creative director and Piarvé Wetshi is a digital marketing expert, also involved in non profits within the fashion and textile space.

Piarve and Deborah came together through the shared goal of reducing and repurposing fabric overproduction. “Having been personally challenged by how to manage seemingly endless over-purchasing housed in warehouses across the country, we both felt strongly that a collaborative social marketplace was the right first step. Last Yarn launched in 2022 and it now celebrates 250,000 metres out of landfill with the launch of 3D swatching”.

How does 3D swatching work?

“3D swatching requires each fabric to have its physical properties tested and then they are scanned using a built for purpose super high resolution fabric scanner. These 3D swatches accurately resemble the real fabric in both visual image and in drape.

3D swatching enables the user to make critical design choices and calculate consumption in advance of any fabric orders. This has the ability to replace the need for a physical swatch altogether, and is a solution to many costly and wasteful design mistakes.”

Is We Are KIN the enabler of the 3D swatching?

“We Are KIN is an ethical British slow fashion label made using reclaimed fabrics. Ngoni, the designer, uses digital avatars and has been working with 3D swatching in place of real fabrics and samples to sell her pieces. Ngoni, who is a friend and has been a Last Yarn customer since conception, has been a huge inspiration and asset in our development process.”


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