November 14, 2023

Jimmy Choo exclusively on LadyLike: "I've been designing shoes since I was 11 years old and I'll never stop"

I think that for most people, when they hear the name Jimmy Choo , there are two things that come to mind first: the amazingly made and designed shoes . This is the first one. The second, must be the name of Carrie Bradshaw, the fictional character from the Sex and the City series , who was obsessed with fashion and, more specifically, with designer shoes. "I lost my Choo!" , he shouts in one episode, which he missed running to catch the ferry back to New York.


A year after the episode aired, Jimmy Choo sold his stake in the company he founded with Tamara Mellon , a former British Vogue editor, with whom he started Jimmy Choo Ltd., which in 2017 was bought by Michael Kors Ltd., for the amount of 1.2 billion dollars . This amount confirms the talent of mr. Choo who, as he tells me in our interview, "success for me, is loving what you do" . I don't think that's enough, because I think that Jimmy Choo is one of the few cases of people, or rather designers, who are born exactly for what they do. Shoe design was his calling.


Jimmy Choo : "Nous souhaitons fournir à nos étudiants les ressources et le réseau nécessaires."