Senior Lecturer

JCA | London Fashion Academy is seeking inspirational Senior Lecturers, Associate Lecturers and Visiting Practitioners (SL/AL/VP) to teach on and across our programmes, providing breadth and depth to our subject offer, and extending strength to the academic team.

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Mayfair, london

Job Description

You will provide up-to-date knowledge, expertise and experience of professional practice and have in depth knowledge and understanding of critical, practical and theoretical issues relevant to at least one specialist subject area that contributes to the programmes that we have on portfolio.

In the role you will deliver high quality learning opportunities and mentorship to students within a teaching and learning framework which takes into account formal and informal development structures.

Critical to this approach, you will provide mentorship to students who align with your practice and give guidance to students with their educational and professional development.

You may be asked to lead on specific modules and / or themes and contribute to a growing research culture within the subject.

You will naturally bring with you, professional relationships and industry contacts that will enable students in their study and that will help define and develop their future entrepreneurship.

Organisation Background

About us
JCA| London Fashion Academy is a unique modern-day undertaking by one of the worlds most renowned contemporary designers, Prof. Dato’ Jimmy Choo OBE.

Positioned as an industry leader in the field of fashion education it follows and positively reacts to the developing higher education landscape in the UK and the Ministers call for ‘new and innovative providers opening high quality higher education’.

The Academy seeks to find, support and launch new designers through a couture-styled learner centred approach that is focused on professional practice delivered within a boutique specialist incubation environment’.

The JCA offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in a range of broad-based subjects that allow learners to pursue a very high degree of specialism. There are two routes available to prospective students:
1) an immersive, professional practice experience with incubation in Mayfair, and
2) a timetabled professional experience within a Maker Space in West London.

Inclusive in its approach, the Academy seeks to support only the very best and most gifted designer to fulfil their ambitions and transition from higher education into entrepreneurship and / or employment.

As a selective institution, recruitment is based on academic and creative potential expressed through prior qualifications and portfolio and behaviours and attitudes through academic interview and engagement.

The bar is set high but the community is founded on well being.

JCA Culture

Our academic staff are the best in their field, professionally within fashion, and pedagogically within education. They are also friendly and approachable people. People who want to work with other, similar minded, people – and together, to create a professionally focused learning community.

Lecturers are employed as ‘Mentors’ and deliver more than taught sessions; they interact, engage, and participate with learners and guide the learning journey. They excite, provocate and disrupt ways of thinking. They support, protect and inculcate excellence. However, most of all, they motivate, encourage and inspire.

Being an aspiring Designer at the Academy is much more than being a student it is about setting a direction and being mentored on that journey – from campus to beyond.

Overview and Objectives

JCA | London Fashion Academy is seeking inspirational Associate Lecturers / Visiting Practitioners (AL/VP) to teach on and across our programmes, providing breadth and depth to our subject offer, and extending strength to the academic team.

Key relationships

  • Students
  • Industry
  • Programme Leaders
  • Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Academy Executive Team

Main duties and responsibilities

Student Experience
  • Provides a mentorship-led approach to supporting students who align with specific areas of practice.
  • Actively seeks to give guidance to students with their educational and professional development.
  • Contributes to the development of a sense of student and academic/professional community.
  • Assists with the operational teaching and / or mentorship delivery of courses/modules.
  • Actively participates in open days, induction and other student-facing forums.
Learning, Teaching and Assessment
  • Designs and delivers innovative, high quality and challenging learning / practical experiences.
  • Equips students with the skills, knowledge and attributes required by design entrepreneurs.
  • Engages in critical reflection as a basis for improving performance.
  • Contributes to innovation in learning, teaching, assessment and curriculum development.
  • Provides effective feedback, support and guidance to students.
  • Supervises individual and group based student activities, e.g. work based projects.
Professional Practice
  • Maintains own professional practice and regularly engages with wider industry.
  • Develops and actively shares networks of useful contacts both within and outside the Academy
Profile Raising
  • Actively promotes the association with the Academy and its students through PR, social media and events.
  • Represents the Academy at events sponsored by the Academy or in which the Academy is invited to attend.
  • Develops joint initiatives that promote areas of practice within the Academy.
  • Identifies opportunities for income generation and/or entrepreneurialism.
Scholarly Activity
  • Contributes (as appropriate) to practice-based research and scholarly activity.
  • Identifies opportunities for income generation and/or entrepreneurialism.
Quality management and enhancement
  • Contributes to the development and achievement of quality standards and criteria.
  • Takes part in meetings (as required) such as Programme Committee, LTA, and Academic Board.
Teamwork and Communication
  • Works effectively with colleagues and contributes to the achievement of team objectives.
  • Maintains dialogue with managers in the performance of post responsibilities.
  • Develops networks of useful contacts both within and outside the Academy.
Personal Effectiveness
  • Seeks ways to improve efficiency and quality and motivates and encourages others.
  • Contributes to achievement of organisational goals.
Personal Attributes
  • In addition to the required educational and professional experiences expressed for the post, ideal candidates would be ambitious, innovative and entrepreneurial.
  • Candidates would not only be comfortable with change management, they would positively thrive in exciting dynamic environments.
  • Experience of both public and private HEI’s would be advantageous but not essential.