Sustainability CapsUle 24/25

MA Fashion Entrepreneurship in Design & Brand Innovation

Following last year's groundbreaking success, the JCA | London Fashion Academy is thrilled to announce the return of their highly acclaimed MA Sustainability Capsule for the academic year 24/25. This curated programme promises to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion, once again in partnership with the innovative Lone Design Club and two exciting new partners to be revealed just in time for Graduate Fashion Week.


Future fashion pioneers

We launch designers

Are you a visionary designer driven by a passion for sustainability? The MA Fashion Entrepreneurship in Design and Brand Innovation at JCA is your gateway to revolutionising the fashion industry. This unique programme is on a mission to discover and nurture the finest sustainable designer-entrepreneurs from across the UK and around the world. With sustainability at its heart, the course is meticulously designed to elevate your craft, refine your brand, and make a significant impact on the future of fashion.

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Sustainable focus

High-Profile Launch and Retail Opportunities

Envision your creations gracing not just the runway, but also in prestigious retail outlets across London. Our exclusive partnership with Lone Design Club ensures that your collection gets the spotlight it deserves, backed by unparalleled PR support. This programme offers more than just exposure; it provides the practical experience and professional networks crucial for a thriving career in sustainable fashion. With expert guidance and support, you'll transform your vision into reality, culminating in a high-profile launch at London Fashion Week in September 2025.

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From studio to store

The JCA’s scholarship partners, each an expert within their respective fields, will support this select group of designer-entrepreneurs in their early development and give them the very best pathway to success. Successful applicants will be supported by mentors, have access to launch opportunities taking place over London Fashion Week, be stocked on graduation by Lone Design Club and RCGD Global will provide thought-leadership, and its community will deliver workshops on sustainable design.

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Scholarships Available

Embark on your journey to becoming a sustainable designer with our exclusive scholarships. With government funding for UK applicants, global scholarship opportunities, and invaluable resources from our esteemed partners, we’re seeking the best in sustainable design talent.

Learners proposed by Graduate Fashion Week Universities are offered an automatic partial scholarship upon admission. However, a distinguished panel evaluates and awards substantial scholarships to the most promising talents, providing a gateway to our prestigious programme.

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1 Year


£18,000 per year





The Capsule Journey

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of practice-based education at the heart of Mayfair. The Capsule thrives on diversity, embracing design paths ranging from men's and women's wear to unisex fashion, fine tailoring, red carpet couture, streetwear, bridal attire, lingerie, accessories, and footwear.

This dynamic course is designed to cultivate internationally versatile professionals capable of leading sustainable fashion ventures. From conception to sales, learners engage in a myriad of activities, including startup solutions, brand innovation, and the creation of sustainable fashion collections. Venture into the realm of enterprise and entrepreneurship, where creativity meets purpose, and unleash your potential in shaping the future of fashi

What you'll learn

This course combines advanced knowledge in sustainable fashion design and construction, brand development and innovation, and enterprise strategy and management. Learners are expected to confidently identify niche market brand opportunities, apply contemporary and professional practice in collection development and within the context and synthesis of enterprise and entrepreneurship.  

A blend of seminar and studio-based project work will form a key part of your study through which you will develop an advanced body of practical work, examine critical and contextual concepts, and capably apply specialised knowledge in sustainable brand and design innovation.

Course modules are designed to enable you to fully professionalise your learning by taking a practice-led and experiential approach to assessment which is contextual and applied and follows your personal area of specialised practice and subject interest. The course will provide you with access to sustainable fashion experts and industry links, and the opportunity to take advantage of state-of-the-art resources and design facilities.

Assessment is 100% through coursework. You will receive feedback throughout each module and will be awarded a grade.

Depending on the module, you may be assessed through:

  • 2D visual research and design development work

  • 3D development work, garment construction and fashion development

  • Practical and digital portfolio work

  • Marketing analysis, finance and enterprise plans

  • In person, digital and visual presentations

  • Exhibition curation and collection presentation

What you'll practice

Students on this programme will benefit from an immersive and ‘incubated’ experience in which they regard their applied and experiential learning as part of their professional journey.

As well as practical learning in our modern design studios, the incubation space will create an entrepreneurial environment that facilitates connections and speeds innovation; from idea to concept to commercial application.

You will be expected to identify niche market opportunities and apply contemporary and professional design practice in collection creation and brand development.

What you'll master

As well as gaining a deep conceptual understanding of your field and the practical application skills to excel within it, you will develop and hone a progressive and comprehensive range of personal, professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Modules will build on theoretical and applied practice in advanced fashion design, visual communication, brand development, entrepreneurial practice and new business innovation.

The aim is to produce innovative thinking fashion entrepreneurs who have the knowledge needed to start up a micro fashion enterprise and the skills necessary to sustain and scale-up your brand

What you'll do next

MA Fashion Entrepreneurship graduates will view their educational experience as a highly personalised, vocational and creative enterprise in which they were developing their professional craft alongside their academic and commercial interests.

With a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, this future facing, globally aware course has been carefully created to accelerate ambitious students towards entrepreneurial design and brand led careers within the global fashion industry.




£18,000 UK

£24,000  International

Other costs

Unlike many of the mainstream University and specialist College’s, JCA will provide you with most things needed to undertake your studies, including fair use access to basic materials, such as some fabrics and finishing, that elsewhere you may need to purchase.

You will also be provided with many of the art materials needed as part of your introductory packs, such as pattern making and sewing materials starter pack and a general art and illustration box.

Where costs may be incurred then, beyond the needs of assessment, could be over the quantity or type of specialist materials that you may want to procure as part of your wider portfolio development.  This is especially the case for instance in your final project where you may want to use specialised fabrics.

In our experience, we believe that material costs are unlikely to exceed £500.


The JCA seeks to support the best and most gifted designer to fulfil their ambitions. Recruitment will be selective and based on academic and creative potential assessed through prior qualifications, portfolio and academic interview. Motivation is essential.

  • The equivalent ‘minimum’ of an upper second honours degree in a fashion practice

  • To submit an appropriate portfolio of work

  • To come to an interview and talk through the creative and written work produced as part of the portfolio submission.

  • English language requirements for international students is an IELTS level 7 or above with a minimum of 6 in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Applicants are requested to provide a creative portfolio which will include a selection of work to demonstrate creative skills and the use of research and theory to process and develop those ideas and design concepts. In addition, a sample of written work demonstrating an awareness of current affairs and debates in the fashion industry should also be included in the portfolio. The piece must be no longer than two A4 pages, 12 point, double-spaced. The work must be original and demonstrate creative thinking and a good level of English in written form. 

Students do not need to necessarily have a background in fashion. However, it will be important to demonstrate the following attributes upon application:

  • A personal commitment and interest in fashion including an interest in design, making, visual communication and brand development;

  • Problem solving skills and the ability to communicate clearly in writing;

  • The ability to research and complete tasks;

  • Team work and independent practice;

  • Evidence of IT and CAD skills (e.g. basic use of Photoshop, etc.);

  • Commitment to the subject area through a personal statement and interview;

  • Focused entrepreneurial career aspiration;

  • Awareness of current affairs and debates within the fashion industry.

International and UK based applicants who are unable to attend the interview process in person will be asked to submit a digital portfolio and will be asked to partake in a Skype, Zoom or equivalent interview.

Validated by the University of West London


The MA Fashion Entrepreneurship in Design and Brand Innovation has been designed with enterprise creation as a central distinctive feature. Key to the approach is the delivery of practice-based education in which learners will be professionally ‘incubated’ as aspiring designers and to develop their craft in professional studios.  Indeed, there will be no traditional classroom sessions but rather mentor-led development.  

Through a balance of both business and vocational skills students will develop and hone a progressive and comprehensive range of personal, professional and entrepreneurial skills / expertise to develop new fashion concepts through to commercialisation, and address the need for the fashion entrepreneur who can identify market opportunities in the industry.

All learners will establish themselves as freelancers or micro-SME’s and will be encouraged to commercially enterprise from the outset.  Students on the programme will be professionally ‘incubated’ as aspiring design entrepreneurs. Alternatively graduates will be able to embark on a career in the industry by utilising the transferable skills gained throughout the course as fully prepared fashion practitioners with an entrepreneurial edge. Possible areas may be an in house fashion designer, designer maker or designer studio manager. As the industry continues to evolve, graduates can also look to progress in the ever-changing areas of design management, fashion product developer, fashion communicator, and fashion brand developer. Student will also be able to progress onto Higher study including an MPhil or a PHD (doctorate).