Zoe Lem


After almost 30 years in the fashion and creative industry, working as a stylist, Creative Director, communication expert, and mentor, Zoe has found her space within the industry asa strategic disrupter activist and business coach

After years of working for brands such as L'Oreal, BMW, Samsung, and celebrities likeRobbie Williams, Cat Deeley, Spice Girls, Trinny & Susannah and many small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as broadcast, including, BBC, MTV and Al Jazeera she has created a platform of knowledge and experience that she is using to help others.

Zoe has created and launched her own concept store, developed her own clothing brand, as well as a creative agency over the years. Right now, she is using her focus on sustainability and values-based ethics to drive change and impact the mindset of creatives, businesses, and individuals. Mindset is everything. Losing the fear will help you to take chances, seize opportunities, live in the present and develop an agile, customer focused business