Introduction to Fashion Trend Forecasting

This trend forecasting course will provide you with the tools to research and spot trends, using a range of resources and visual imagery. Discover the importance of the production and retail calendars and understand how they impact trends.

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Course Overview

With the fast-paced nature of modern fashion production, trend forecasting has become a necessary tool to accurately predict the future needs and desires of consumers. It's also a way to generate fresh ideas for fashion brands. This trend forecasting course will provide you with the tools to research and spot trends, using a range of resources and visual imagery. Discover the importance of the production and retail calendars and understand how they impact trends. Explore the impact of lifestyle influences on fashion trends, from music to the arts, youth culture and social media. This online course will increase your awareness of trends, and their impact on the fashion industry as a whole, and you'll hone the skills to spot them for yourself.


Ash Allibhai

Creative Consultant, Fashion Director, Trend Commentator and Shoot Producer.

Ash started his career working for Drapers the UK Leading Fashion Business Weekly, and Retail Jeweller. He also worked as Head of Fashion and Advertising at Gay Times and was a consulting Fashion Director of ARISE magazine. He has been working as a trend consultant and commentator for several years and received his certificate in Trend Forecasting and Fashion Concepts at London College of Fashion. Ash has also worked and collaborated with F-Trend, Stylus and Trend Council.

Currently, serving as the Client and Creative Lead at I Heart Studios, a London based leading fashion photography and creative studio, where he coordinates shoots for clients such as House of Fraser, SHEIN, BooHoo, Ralph and Russo, Petra Petrov and Stella McCartney. Ash regularly produces campaigns at all stages from concepts and creative direction to audience segmentation and fashion branding. He is also a contributor and researcher for The Futurist Luxury forecasts, which is a specialist forecasting service focusing on consumer insights, design direction tailored for the jewellery and the luxury sector. Ash was the Fashion Director for ASBO magazine, in which he was responsible for developing the style and look of the fashion editorial pages.

He worked with up-and-coming creatives giving them the opportunity to have their work published. Ash also edited ASBOs International Graduate Special, which was a showcase of all the best work from young designers, creatives, and photographers from around the world. He has spoken at several International Trade Shows, such as Intersoft Hong Kong, Capsule, The Vicenza Fair and GJEPC India, where he primarily speaks about the influences of fashion and fashion directions, as well as diversity and inclusion in the creative industries.

Ash is involved with London Queer Fashion Show, which is an event celebrating queerness and queer fashion He does a lot of work with the deginers, providing them tools, resources, and knowledge to lead successful careers in the fashion industry through digital products, workshops, and virtual classes. Ash is a champion off young queer creatives off colour ensuring that they have a platform for expression, and most importantly exposure to showcase their work.

He serves as the Fashion Industry Liaison and was also a Contributing Editor for the Jewellery TrendBook 2022+ which is produced by Vicenza Fair and edited by Paola De Luca, a close friend and internationally renowned trend forecaster within the jewellery and luxury sector. Internationally, Ash is a visiting lecturer and speaker at several prestigious fashion colleges such as ISDI Mumbai, The Fashion Retail Academy London and FIT New York, where he lectures on Fashion Forecasting and Fashion Styling.

Course Content

  • The importance of fashion calendars and seasonal flow
  • The impact of colour on design and marketing
  • Influences outside of fashion: lifestyle & culture
  • Street style, bloggers and fashion influencers
  • Defining the consumer and brand appropriate trends
  • An introduction to creating mood boards
  • A strategic approach to fashion design using data

What you'll learn

  • Learn to identify a brand's sales model and target customer
  • Gained an understanding of how a brand will research trends for it's target customer
  • Practised predicting colour palettes from emerging trends
  • Developed your own macro-trend proposal
  • Learnt how contemporary life and cultural influences are impacting fashion trends
  • Gained insight into the roles of street style, bloggers and influencers, how they shape emerging trends, and how they can fit into marketing strategies
  • Gained some understanding of the contemporary debates around fashion trends, such as globalisation and cultural appropriation
  • Researched trends using mood boards
  • Developed an understanding of the main data gathering fashion trend companies, how they operate, and how they affect the business