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For beginners or for those returning to the subject, this structured course will provide you with the Pattern Design Terminology and the introduction to the core skills of basic pattern cutting.


Beginner and Intermediate


One day per week for 4 weeks


21 hours


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For beginners or for those returning to the subject – this structured course will provide you with Pattern Design Terminology and an introduction to the core skills of basic pattern cutting – enabling you to use basic blocks to create simple patterns. This course is also useful if you study textiles and want to create your own garments with your own fabrics. You will be taught using a standard size block, and different garment types. Progression to intermediate level is possible but you must have achieved competence at using basic blocks, making basic style manipulations and drafting simple patterns.

Meet the mentors

Studio sessions

  • Pattern Making Tools
  • Flat Pattern Cutting Pattern Markings on:
  • Top Front / Back Piece & Skirt Front / Back Piece
  • One-Piece / Two-Piece Sleeves
  • Front / Back Dresses
  • Front / Back Trousers
  • The terminology of pattern cutting  
  • Methods of Pattern Making
  • Drafting
  • Draping
  • Flat Paper Pattern Making  
  • Basic Blocks
  • Fashion blocks

What to expect

  • Using a standard size pattern block to draft simple bodice shapes
  • Using basic manipulation techniques to create a variety of styles
  • Understand and use balance marks, grainlines notches and other technical information
  • Operate machinery and tools safely
  • Be able to take accurate measurements, record them to make patterns
  • Be able to use professional terminology
  • Demonstrate sewing and construction skills


A certificate of recognition to your dedication to study.

We like to celebrate our achievements at JCA. On completion of the course if you have attended 80% of the classes you will qualify for your certificate in dedication to learning.  

This should be included in your CVs and shows the level of learning you achieved.

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