Personal Styling

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21/02/22 | Global Learning | 6 week course


18 hours

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Studio sessions

  • Attributes of a personal stylist
  • Popular styling services
  • Body shape and scale – how to determine your clients’ shape, the psychology behind body shape
  • Styling goals for different shapes
  • Styling kit and wardrobe essentials
  • How to carry out a pre-consultation
  • How to conduct a wardrobe edit
  • How to conduct a personal shop
  • Setting up and running your styling business
  • Marketing your styling business
  • The course will share insider tips from a stylist currently working in the industry, with advice and practical solutions to a range of scenarios that can arise.

What to expect

  • An in-depth understanding of different body shapes
  • How to conduct a client consultation
  • How to dress clients – with their body shape, budget, lifestyle, and own sense of style in mind
  • How to create looks for clients on a variety of budgets
  • How to structure your styling services
  • How to set up and market your business
  • How to use social media to support your business


A certificate of recognition to your dedication to study.

We like to celebrate our achievements at JCA. On completion of the course if you have attended 80% of the classes you will qualify for your certificate in dedication to learning.  

This should be included in your CVs and shows the level of learning you achieved.

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