Five steps to mastering an entrepreneurs mindset with Zoe Lem

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Life. Business is all about mindset. You can change behaviour, but if you don't change your mindset, you will never change your progress.



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Zoe Lem
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Is an entrepreneur born or made? It takes motivation, passion, vision, confidence, and decision making. In order to think like an entrepreneur, you need to have developed the characteristics and most importantly, the mindset. You can gain the skills but if you don't develop the mindset, you will not become a successful entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not about what you do, it is how you do it. In this uncertain world you need to be strong in your values, live with honesty, integrity, a strong sense of connection to your intuition and an understanding of your audience. This five-week course explores the five steps needed to master an entrepreneur’s mindset. You will be given the tools to work through identifying and working through your core values, the cornerstones of your business. You will learn about and work through how to use visualisation to master an entrepreneur’s mindset, you will understand how to use your passion to drive opportunities. The course will combine teaching with interactive learning, group activities and homework to ensure the time is used both working on your business as well as in it. At the end of the five weeks, you will have the toolkit to change your thinking, develop your entrepreneur’s mindset and project forward whilst maximising your opportunities in the present. The skills learnt will not only help you with your business mindset but will give you useful tools for everyday life.

Meet the mentors

Studio sessions


  • Understanding what an entrepreneur is.
  • Understanding how an entrepreneur thinks.
  • 5 points that make an entrepreneur.
  • 5 case studies of entrepreneurs to learn from
  • Finding mentors dead or alive.


  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Positivity
  • Priorities
  • Perspective


  • SWOT - Identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Building on your strengths
  • Analysing and understanding your weaknesses
  • Maximising on your opportunities
  • Creating contingencies for your threats


  • Expectations can create breakdowns in relationships
  • Managing expectations within relationships both personal and business
  • Development of an expectations questionnaire that can be used in all relationships across the supply chain or in teams, at home
  • Understanding the expectations of your brand and business
  • Communication is king
  • Understanding how to communicate to achieve best results across all relationships


  • Using all learnt in steps 1-4 to develop your own style
  • We learn from others but you need to build your own way of doing things
  • Writing your own manifesto
  • Group critic, learning from peers as well as experts
  • Starting a plan

What to expect

  • A greater understanding of how to think like an entrepreneur
  • Tools to support your personal development as an entrepreneur and creative business
  • Establishing good habits that will support your growth and make room for fun along the way
  • A manifesto for your personal and entrepreneurs' career
  • How to make positivity, purpose, fulfilment a goal rather than success


A certificate of recognition to your dedication to study.

We like to celebrate our achievements at JCA. On completion of the course if you have attended 80% of the classes you will qualify for your certificate in dedication to learning.  

This should be included in your CVs and shows the level of learning you achieved.

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