Fashion Branding and Entrepreneurship

£ 1,200 

You will leave JCA with a deeper understanding of the fashion business branding market and the needs of a fashion business entrepreneur.


Beginner and Intermediate


Once a week for 5 weeks


25 hours


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Have you ever thought of launching your very own brand? You may be embarking on the business of fashion now, have a brand start-up already, or have something you are planning. The entrepreneurs fashion branding handbook, will guide you through all the questions and exercises you should consider before launching a brand. It is a flash course that educates while learning about your brands personal needs. It is designed to give you the tools to succeed within your own vision, and how you wish your brand to be seen, within a highly competitive market place. This course is hosted by a mentor that has successfully led their own Fashion brand to market.

Meet the mentors

Studio sessions

  • The branding basics handbook – verbal guide in creating the strongest branding in a competitive market  
  • Understanding your niche  
  • Your customers' expectations  
  • What is a market level  
  • How do you target a competitor's market  
  • The basics of branding  
  • Identify your market

What to expect

  • Case study knowledge and understanding of continued learning through analysing  
  • Confirming your brands position within the commercial world of fashion  
  • Customer profiling and the building of your target market audience  
  • Knowledge on what branding is  
  • How to effetely use your branding to determine your brands growth  
  • Build your confidence within your entrepreneurial practice and follow through with your learning to confidently build success
  • You will leave JCA with a deeper understanding of the fashion business branding market
  • Fully understanding the needs of a Fashion business entrepreneur


A certificate of recognition to your dedication to study.

We like to celebrate our achievements at JCA. On completion of the course if you have attended 80% of the classes you will qualify for your certificate in dedication to learning.  

This should be included in your CVs and shows the level of learning you achieved.

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