An Introduction to Footwear Pattern Cutting with Chris Hill

£ 2,500 

The course is an on-site practical course with Chris Hill culminating in a full set of patterns for your own ladies' court shoe design.




5 day course or every Friday evening for 10 weeks


25 Hours


Chris Hill
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This is an exclusive opportunity to be taught by the tutor of Prof. Jimmy choo. Chris Hill will be taking the studio sessions at JCA Mayfair on site and the Global virtual learning programme. The course is an on-site practical course culminating in a full set of patterns for your own ladies' court shoe design. Chris Hill, “Throughout my career I have designed and developed footwear for all market levels in the fashion footwear industry. I have worked in factories worldwide and have first-hand experience of manufacturing. The relationship between design and technology has always fascinated me and this has been the basis for much of my academic research. For my MA dissertation, I explored the many complex factors that led to the demise of the British footwear industry post WW2. In my academic career, many of my students have gone on to become successful designers and include Jimmy Choo, Emma Hope, Patrick Cox, Victoria Pratt (Red or Dead), Joachim Sedelmeier (Paul Smith) and Nick Fowler (Dior)”

Meet the mentors

Studio sessions

  • Foot anatomy (and why it matters)  
  • Sizing and fitting Footwear construction techniques
  • The Last- terminology Taping up and designing on the last  
  • Further taping techniques  
  • Basic court design and variations  
  • Forme making Draping Standard making Design standards Day  
  • Pattern envelopes and making sequence
  • Sectional patterns
  • uppers Sectional patterns
  • linings and countre linings  
  • Insole and sole patternmaking Day
  • Pattern making for Slingbacks and One bars using the basic court shoe templet
  • Adding trims and design detail
  • Designing your own court shoe on the last
  • Formes, standards, and design standards
  • Sectional patterns- uppers and linings
  • Pattern envelope for factory sampling

What to expect

By the end of the course, you will have an understanding of footwear construction and pattern making. You will be able to produce a full set of sectional patterns for a lady's court shoe. Be able to identify the professional terminology associated with shoe lasts, pattern and shoe making. Understand and explored designing upon the last and producing simple balanced wearable styles. You will have expanded your understanding of footwear design through the consideration of pattern technology and the constraints of foot anatomy.


A certificate of recognition to your dedication to study.

We like to celebrate our achievements at JCA. On completion of the course if you have attended 80% of the classes you will qualify for your certificate in dedication to learning.  

This should be included in your CVs and shows the level of learning you achieved.

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